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Our lodge, located in the middle of this remarkable wildlife resource in Portland Creek, provides access to unsurpassed hunting opportunities. Our lodge is located in the Newfoundland interior in the heart of  moose management area 2 (MMA2) on the Great Northern Peninsula. It  is ideally situated to take full advantage of the most dense moose population, and the woodland caribou. The hunter success rates for the Great Northern Peninsula are above the Newfoundland average.

During the summer months, our lodge is used to accommodate salmon fishermen.  If you would like to go on a salmon fishing trip in the heart of Newfoundland and enjoy the quiet and solitude as you fish, then check us out.

The lodge accommodates six guests in double occupancy rooms, with hot and cold running water, shower, toilet, refrigerator, mobile phone, experienced guides, full-time cook.

Access to the lodge is achieved by boat from an area locally known as "The Runnin' Out" or Mountain Waters Resort. Located about five miles from the lodge, this area was first discovered as a prime sport fishing river by world famous American sport fisherman, Lee Wolfe.


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